The IAA, in a newspaper advert on Tuesday, however, enlisted defaulting public institutions as of October 31, 2021, to consist of 21 government ministries, 32 State-Owned Enterprises (SOE), 86 tertiary institutions, including public universities and 13 Regional Coordinating Councils (RCC). Also, included were 118 departments and agencies and 207 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA). The defaulting entities were advised to submit the outstanding report without delay while Principal Account Holders and Principal Spending Officers were reminded of sanctions for breach of the Public Financial Management Act 2016. Speaking at an orientation programme for governing boards/Councils and Chief Executive Officers on Tuesday, the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Dr Eric Oduro Osae said the publication was a “naming and shaming procedure.” “And the next step will be to advise the finance minister not to release their fourth-quarter releases to them,” he said. He admitted that some entities have submitted their reports after the publication, which was beyond the deadline. He, therefore, advised heads of institutions to respect the report submitting deadline, which is the end of the month after the quarter. “We invite most of the ministers to take action, especially the minister of the local government and the head of the office of the Local government service to take action on the RCC and the MMDAs that fail to submit the report,” he said. Section (3) of IAA Act 2003 dictates that: “An internal audit unit established under subsection (1) shall in accordance with this Act and standards and procedures provided by the Agency, carry out an internal audit of its MDA or MMDA and shall submit reports on the internal audit it carries out to the Director-General of the Agency.” A delay in submission, he observed, was not a sign of a good financial control system as most culpable institutions tend to be captured in the Auditor-General Report for next year.


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The ISO 37000:2021 provides guidance on the governance of organisations of all industries, sizes, geographies, constructs, or objectives. The standard offers rules and important facets of systems to guide governing bodies and governing groups towards meeting their obligations so that the organisations they govern can satisfy their purpose. With purpose and sustainability being at the heart of governance, more organisations than ever are being called on to guarantee that their organisations act with purpose, sustainability, and humanity in mind in a hastily fluctuating world and challenging times and we here at ABAC® are happy to be a part of the undertaking. ISO 37000:2021 was established by experts and trusted voices from a comprehensive range of organisations in over 70 countries around the world to produce a specific, universally recognised, standard for good governance. The ISO 37000:2021 looks to bolster the vital requirement for efficient management and opts to achieve this through a transparent core control system and a reliable assurance process when dealing with stakeholders and other third-party associates. Furthermore, the ISO 37000:2021 places prominence on the belief that it is in fact management that set the tone for a morally exact organisational culture and reinforces the prerequisite to warrant the strategic and accountable use of data while ensuring that any decisions made are translucent and affiliated with broader societal prospects. ABAC® Center of Excellence, as the global leading corporate investigations and risk management firm, believe that the implementation of an ISO standards – whether that’s the ISO 31000 risk management or ISO 37301 Compliance Management Systems – can prove beneficial to any organisation of any size or industry. It is her response better to operate under a standard that is universally recognised rather than risk any neglectful corporate decisions and obscure policies. Organisations that choose to implement ISO standards do so for a number of reasons One of the most common drivers to implement a management system is to either improve efficiency or reduce overheads and manage risk around key assets of a business.


Retired lobbyist Andy Raucci remembers marching in the Torchlight Parade in November 1960 from downtown Chicago to the old Chicago Stadium. It was led by Mayor Richard J. Daley and featured Senator John F. Kennedy’s speech. Edwardsville Township Supervisor Kevin Hall useful source says, “Not sure which was larger in Grant Park: the 1997 Bulls NBA title of Obama's 2008 Election Night.” NFP Consulting’s Kelly Kleiman says hands down Obama’s rally was it. For tomorrow, We’re wondering what you did in high school that led to your career today? Email to [email protected] BECOME A GLOBAL INSIDER: The world is more connected than ever. It has never been more essential to identify, unpack and analyze important news, trends and decisions shaping our future — and we’ve got you covered! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Global Insider author Ryan Heath navigates the global news maze and connects you to power players and events changing our world.


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It takes just one country to oppose a measure to see it on the cutting room floor. If that country happens to be big and powerful, that's all the more likely. It only took one country, for example -- India -- to fiercely resist language about phasing "out" coal and fossil fuel subsidies for it to be watered down to a phasing "down." COP26 ended with the Glasgow Climate Pact. Here's where it succeeded and failed Despite Biden's opening pleas, the US delegation was among those opposing the establishment of a new "loss and damage" fund that would involve wealthier countries paying for the impacts of climate change in the most vulnerable nations -- money that might help people rebuild homes after a destructive flood or typhoon. The spirit of the fund would be to hold developed nations financially accountable for their historically larger role in the climate crisis. A US official told CNN the country was opposed to a loss-and-damage fund. On Saturday, US climate envoy John Kerry told reporters the US supports such a fund in principle, but said there weren't enough details -- particularly around liability -- for the US to back the deal outright. A source familiar with the negotiations told CNN the EU also resisted it, and an EU spokesperson declined to comment. Unsurprisingly, there was only a vague reference to scaling up money and no actual fund, in what was a huge disappointment for countries on the front lines of the climate crisis. Teresa Anderson, climate policy coordinator at ActionAid International said the outcome of the summit was "an insult to the millions of people whose lives are being torn apart by the climate crisis." "There were huge expectations that COP26 would finally deliver real support for the communities, farmers, women and girls who need to recover and rebuild in the aftermath of climate disasters ... but the wealthy countries most responsible for our warming world -- particularly the US -- have blocked their ears and hung those most impacted out to dry." But none of these examples mean that COP is useless or ineffective.