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husted 2 That’s not true; I can do both.” Black suggested that the state could help make the program even more useful, by try this site clearing the way for it to also provide training at the high school level. To do that, he said, “we need to get recognized by the department of education so that we can help (high schools) with their juniors or seniors.” He explained that “apprenticeship programs in general are are (overseen) through the Department of Labor. But we need to tie in with the Department of Education… I would check out the post right here like all of (our instructors) to have teaching credentials.” The demand for operating engineers is high; Black noted that currently, the program gets far more applicants than it can accommodate. “We probably have anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 people a year apply to our program, and this year, we took just barely 100,” he said. He predicted that this demand may go up even more in response to the anticipated increase in federal spending on infrastructure improvements. Husted added in this context that he believes Ohio is already in the forefront of states in for infrastructure funding based on its own state-level legislation. “Ohio a few years ago passed an infrastructure bill,’ he said. “So we have one of the most robust infrastructure spending programs in the country already. (The federal spending) will lay on top of that.


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Nicknamed "Megaspider," the arachnid measures 8 centimeters (about 3 inches) foot to foot, with fangs 2 centimeters (about 0.8 inches) long, the Australian Reptile Park said in a statement Friday. With a body measuring 5 centimeters (1.9 inches), it's the largest funnel-web spider the park has ever seen, it added. "She is unusually large and if we can get the public to hand in more spiders like her, it will only result in more lives being saved due to the huge amount of venom they can produce," said Michael Tate, the park's education officer. "We are really keen to find out where she came from in hopes to find more MASSIVE spiders like her." Spider keeper Jake Meney with Megaspider. Her fangs will be milked for venom to turn into antivenom. According to the Australian Museum, the average length of a funnel-web spider's body is 1 to 5 centimeters, making this one on the large side. But it's by no means the largest type of spider in Australia. That honor belongs to the tarantula otherwise known as the whistling spider, due to the noise it emits when provoked. The body of the northern species Selenocosmia crassipes can grow up to 6 centimeters (2.4 inches) long, with a leg span of 16 centimeters (6.3 inches). The funnel-web spider or Atrax robustus may be smaller, but they are "the most notorious members" of the country's spider fauna, according to the Australian Museum's website. Though not all of the 40 or so varieties of the species are dangerous, "several are renowned for their highly toxic and fast acting venom," with the male of the Sydney funnel-web spider linked to all 13 recorded human deaths, the museum said.