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Kansas Law Enforcement Centers students in the Gracie University jiu-jitsu training program practice defending and escape the side mount, which involves creating space and pulling a leg through. Twenty-seven law enforcement officers from a dozen agencies across Kansas completed a weeklong intensive jiu-jitsu instructor certification program at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center last week. This is the first time the program, taught by Ryron Gracie with Gracie University, was offered at the training center. "Our mission is to train and equip Kansas law enforcement officers with quality resources to handle potentially dangerous situations minimizing the risk of injury to anyone involved,” KLETC Executive Director Darin Beck stated in a release. Jiu-jitsu is one of several defensive tactics that stresses the importance of self-control and can result in fewer instances of use of force. “I want them to slow down and realize that they have the tools to do the job safely and effectively,” Gracie stated. A click for info third-generation instructor of jiu-jitsu, he has been teaching self-defense and jiu jitsu for 30 years. His grandfather, Helio Gracie, established the first Gracie school in 1925.


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Smaller Canadian producers fear higher tolls, or being squeezed out entirely with their barrels stranded in Alberta and sold at deeper discounts. With the capacity to ship 3.2 million b/d across 8,600 miles, Mainline is by far Canada's largest crude transporter and exporter, moving supplies from the Alberta oil sands to the Ontario and US Midwest refining markets -- and farther to the Cushing, Oklahoma storage and pricing hub, and to the US Gulf Coast through additional pipelines. The current Mainline tolling system relies on a monthly nomination system that utilizes apportionment when demand exceeds capacity, which has been the case for years with a shortage of Canadian pipelines into the US. Under 50% apportionment, for instance, a producer wanting to move 1,000 barrels would only be allowed to ship 500 barrels. Enbridge instead wants to shift to the more modern system of longer-term, take-or-pay contracts with minimum volume commitments -- for up to 20 years -- similar to most North American pipelines. The change is preferred by US refiners and some larger producers. Enbridge also wants more certainty before it embarks on further pipeline capacity expansion projects within Mainline and on pipelines further downstream to the USGC. The last 10-year tolling agreement expired in June and Enbridge is eager to implement the changes in 2022. The Canada Energy Regulator can either outright approve or reject Enbridge's requests, or settle on some sort of compromise that sets aside more than 10% of the capacity for spot shipments and lower the base toll, said Parker Fawcett, North America supply analyst with Platts Analytics. The regulatory decision will follow the Oct. 1 startup of Enbridge's Line 3 replacement project, increasing capacity on a key Mainline crude artery from 390,000 b/d to 760,000 b/d, and essentially ending the pipeline bottleneck into the US now that Canadian production has largely recovered from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Finance functions need to be the agents of change in the US' business sustainability roll-out NEW YORK and LONDON, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- COP26 may have focused on big business, but small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) make up the engine of America's economy. This is why ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CA ANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand) are equipping accountants with a new playbook to help them and their SME clients achieve their sustainability goals. How SMEs can create a more sustainable world  details the benefits that sustainable actions have for both business success and the environment. The playbook sets out practical steps for embedding sustainable practices within SMEs, case studies from across the world, and links to a variety of tools and resources. Given SMEs make up 90% of the global economy as well, improvements in their sustainability practices are vital to addressing worldwide environmental and social challenges. The playbook contains guidance from over 30 businesses, both from SMEs, SMPs (small and medium sized practices) and bigger businesses who work closely with them including The Balcony Garden, Sage, Taylors Wines, Intuit, Xero, WE Accounting, as well as professional accountants and business leaders from around the world. The playbook outlines how the following can make a difference: Reshaping business models and reimagining the future: Explaining what sustainable development is, setting out the business case for sustainability, and illustrating the role of the profession. Acting with urgency on climate change in particular: Guidance on how to have the conversation about climate change, illustrating the need for urgent action, and explaining what is happening globally. Considering sustainability in business operations and every decision made: Demonstrating different ways action can be taken to address challenges such as reducing emission levels (including how to set targets and measure emissions), waste, and inequality.