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Nor did anyone answer my telephone messages. Were the flag wavers suspended? Again, Cox and the administrators wouldn’t say. But other students saw them in school. The dress code is another quagmire. Students aren’t allowed to wear Black Lives Matter or George Floyd T-shirts because the code prohibits clothes that could be “disruptive.” Since the student manual doesn’t elaborate, I asked Cox for details. Once more, he wouldn’t say. But some Black students claim that white students do wear shirts flaunting Confederate flags. Two mothers whose daughters attend Coosa say they’re routinely called racial slurs and taunted about their hair and skin color.


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meeting Raymond A. Volpatt Jr. (center) talks about the company's use of smartphone safety monitoring devices at a rooftop renovation project in Pittsburgh. Photo: Bruce Buckley for ENR Raymond A. Volpatt Jr. recalls with some distress the painful months starting in April 2020. Although some of his family-owned contracting company’s work was deemed essential and continued in the early pandemic, a third of its annual revenue, $10 million worth, was cancelled or postponed. “I sat down with my accountant,” said Volpatt, the Pittsburgh firm's president who prefers to go by Ray, “and looked at the books and determined that if employees had nothing to do and we had no more revenue, I could keep the doors open and continue paying about 12 office staff ” for about two-and-a-half years, he said. “Anybody I could keep working, I kept working,” he says. “Did I lose sleep?


TurboTax vs. H&R Block: Which Tax Software Is Best for Filing Your Taxes Online? Though tax websites can’t help with this, keep in mind that the IRS may consider you for an audit if you claim a disproportionate amount of income and expenses. It may be perfectly legitimate, for example, if you take a loss for a very small business or side gig. Just be aware of this red flag. One audit red flag is claiming excessive deductions like charitable donations. H&R Block and its competitors allow you to document all of these expenses. There’s nothing shady about filing a Schedule C. The IRS mandates it if you’re self-employed or have a side gig. But the agency looks closely at these returns.